1956 Tourist Office, Volos Greece

1963 Galerie La Mansard, Montreal

1965 Galerie de la Place, Montreal

1967 Eaton`s Gallery, Montreal

1969 Artists` Association, Chicoutimi

1970 University of Ottawa (with the cooperation of Wallack Gallery)

1971 Galerie L`art français, Montreal

1972 Artists` Association, Rockport, Massachusetts

1973 Galerie L`art français, Montreal

1974 M. Valtanos Cultural Gallery, Athens

1975 Galerie L`art français, Montreal

1975 Galerie d`art Montcalm, Quebec City

1977 Galerie L`art français, Montreal

1978 Galerie d`Artagnan, Quebec City

1978 Centre Culturel de Verdun

1979 Galerie L`art français, Montreal

1980 Galerie L`art français, Montreal

1982 Dominion Gallery, Montreal

1983 K.G. Heffel Gallery, Vancouver

1984 Kasspar Gallery, Toronto

1984 G.Press & T.O., New York

1984 Galerie d`art Clarance Gagnon, Montreal

1985 Galerie d`art Vincent, Ottawa

1985 Kreonidis Gallery, Athens

1987 Galerie d`art Rimouski (unveiling of P.Soulikias` painting featured on the front cover of the Quebec City Telephone Directory)

1992 Galerie d`arts contemporains, Montreal

1995 Melas Mansion of the National Bank of Greece, Athens

1996 Giorgio De Chirico Cultural Centre, Volos, Greece

1997 Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal

1997 Picture Gallery of the Polytechnic School of Thessalonica, Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe

1997 Porphyrogeneion Foundation, Agria, Volos, Greece

1997 Centre of Contemporary Art, Larissa, Greece

2001 Margonis Art Gallery, Larissa, Greece

2001 Municipal Picture Gallery, Karditsa, Greece

2004 Metaxourgio, Nea Ionia (Olympic City for the 2004 Olympics, Volos, Greece

2005 Municipality of Sparta

2006 Galerie Lamoureux Ritzenhoff, Montreal

2007 Giorgio De Chirico Cultural Centre, Volos, Greece

2008 French Institute, Larissa

2009 Honourary exhibition by the Prefecture of Magnesia at the Cultural Centre of Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece

 2016 Paul Soulikias Honorary and Retrospective Exhibition in Nea Ionia, Volos

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